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Jasper located in the heart of Newton County is a tiny, scenic town nestled in the Ozark Mountains.It is not far from the Buffalo National River. Designated as national river status it is the first waterway in the US.

The lush wilds are surrounded by breathtaking natural beauty.Reintroduction to the area being celebrated annually with Jasper’s Buffalo River Elk Festivalthe town is home to roaming herds of elk.

To quirky antique stores like Emma’s Museum of Junk and historic properties, like the hotel first opened in 1934, the Arkansas House Inn, Jasper’s quaint downtown area is home.

Two words well describing the town of Jasper, AR is quaint and scenic. The small town located in Newton County is surrounded by natural beauty andthe Buffalo, the nation’s first national riverstarts flowing from here.

The perfect spot for an adventure vacation, the area is packed with outdoor opportunities like canoeing, hiking, rock climbing, caving, mountain biking, hunting, fishing, and horseback riding.

With a beautiful courthouse in the middle and gazebos on the grounds, jasper Arkansas has a picturesque downtown square. Every year, celebrating the reintroduction of elk to the area, people gather in Jasper for the annual Buffalo River Elk Festival.

Cutting through the heart of the county, running north and south Arkansas Scenic Byway 7, drivers quite a view is offered by the state’s first national scenic byway.

The Buffalo River

Through 95,700 acres of protected remote, a steepand rugged wilderness the Buffalo National River flows. Containing more than 200 sites within the park outdoor enthusiasts enjoy fishing the 150 miles of tranquil waterway, camping in the 14 designated campgrounds, going through  100 miles of trails, and canoeing.

It includes the towering sandstone bluffs, pristine turquoise waters, abundant wildlifeand majestic overlooks. Calling the Buffalo National River as one of America’s finest free-flowing rivers is no wonder and it is one of the people’s favorite photo subjects.

Throughout the ever-changing seasons,many wonderful photographic opportunities are offered by the Buffalo National River. In the spring Waterfalls are abundant, and the colors found in the eastern United States can be rivaled of the beautiful fall foliage of the mostly deciduous forests.

Due to the humidity, heat, and insects while the summer is a more challenging season the winter snows are rare yet attractiveinclusion in the various scenes found at the national river.

Visiting Season

Visiting the Buffalo National River is best during the spring. You can rent romantic cabins in jasper. From the middle of April to the middle of May, the river’s serene, abundant wildflowers, hundreds of ancient waterfalls and luscious green foliage pleasantly surprise the first-time visitors. Spring is definitely a must-see when planning a trip to the Buffalo River.

Some of the most photographic waterfalls in the United Statesare boasted of by the river and surrounding areas.Geologic time has allowed water to carve wonderful due to the extreme age of the Ozarks and the mysterious hollowsthroughout the Buffalo River region. None shows this carving better than the unique viewof different spectacular waterfalls located in the area.

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