How many times have you sat around in the kitchen and thought about what to eat to satisfy your mid night cravings? One has to be indebted to the person who first came up with the idea of peanut butter because one cannot imagine a breakfast spread or light snack without it. PB and J sandwiches is probably the most popular breakfast item which is liked by children and adults alike and takes minimum effort with delicious outcome. Peanut butter has gained a lot of popularity in India as well and one can now buy peanut butter online India. Not only is peanut butter downright delicious but one cannot argue about the nutritional content of the product as well. Peanut butter has exceptionally high fat, carbohydrate and protein content. Not only that, it can also be considered a good source of dietary fibres, vitamins such as vitamin E, pantothenic acid, niacin, and vitamin B6, dietary minerals including manganese, magnesium, phosphorus, zinc, copper, thiamine, iron, and potassium. Fat constitutes a major chunk of the dietary profile containing saturated fatty acids such as palmitic acid, monounsaturated fats namely oleic acid and a few other as well as polyunsaturated fat such as linoleic acid etc. This popular spread is available in two different forms namely smooth and crunchy depending on its texture.

There are probably a million ways in which one can consume peanut butter and sticking in a spoon right into a jar of peanut butter and gobbling up the delicious goodness seems like the perfect option. One can always use it by applying it on crackers, in sandwiches, a variety of confectionaries and even in preparation of numerous savoury dishes. There are quite a few companies which sell the best peanut butter in India including Teddie’s natural peanut butter, Flex protein PB, Alpino unsweetened peanut butter, The Butternut Company and more. All the products of these company can be purchased from grocery stores or you can also opt to buy peanut butter online with the click of a mouse button and delivered at your door step.

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